Marshall Perron

NTVES Patron

Marshall served in the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory for 21 years from its formation in 1974, and was Chief Minister from 1988 until his resignation in 1995.

A keen advocate of individual rights, Marshall created world history when his private member’s voluntary euthanasia bill, The Rights of the Terminally Ill Act, became law in 1995.

To remove any suggestion his position as Chief Minister would affect the outcome of the vote on his controversial Bill, Perron announced that he would resign as Chief Minister and from Parliament whatever the outcome just hours before the vote was taken. Four terminally ill Australians chose to end their suffering using the provisions in the Act before the legislation was overturned by the Federal Parliament.

Despite the act being overturned less than a year after it came into force, Perron has remained an active advocate for the cause. He has made submissions to inquiries into end-of-life choices, expressing his views on the provisions contained in Assisted Dying Bills before various parliaments. Marshall is hopeful that the Northern Territory will pass voluntary assisted dying legislation soon now that the Federal Government has restored the right to the NT.