Submission to NT VAD Advisory Panel

This Submission to the Expert Advisory Panel on Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation in the Northern Territory, by Marshall Perron, was sent to the Northern Territory Voluntary Assisted Dying Advisory Panel on 6 February 2024. In his submission, Marshall says that:

The obvious starting point for the NT will be to combine the most progressive elements contained in each state law, which it appears the Australian Capital Territory has done, and then add new provisions which broaden access.

The Northern Territory demography makes it unique. A small population, less elderly residents, a large percentage of ABTSI people retaining cultural traditions, a relatively small number of qualified health professionals. These factors are relevant when considering the nature of a VAD regime.

He suggests that legalising VAD should not be at significant cost to the NT taxpayer, and goes on to comment on subjects he feels are crucial to an effective regime under the following areas:

  • Eligibility Expansion
  • Age
  • Request and Assessment
  • Administration
  • Oversight

He recommends a law superior to the current Australian state laws by accommodating the needs of a broader range of prospective applicants, shortening timeframes and reducing complexity.

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