Submission to NT VAD Advisory Panel

This Submission to the Expert Advisory Panel on Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation in the Northern Territory, by Marshall Perron, was sent to the Northern Territory Voluntary Assisted Dying Advisory Panel on 6 February 2024. In his submission, Marshall says that: The obvious starting point for the NT will be to combine the most progressive elements […]

Principles for a Voluntary Assisted Dying Law

On Thursday the 11th January, the committee had a meeting with Duncan McConnel, co-chair of the Expert Advisory Panel for VAD and member Dr Geetanjali Lamba. We presented the NTVES Position Statement (download below). Our proposal goes beyond what is available in the states where legislation has been passed over the past few years. In […]

ACT Inquiry into the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2023

The Northern Territory has embarked on an extensive consultation process to listen to the views of our community, address concerns, and develop safeguards so that Territorians can make informedchoices about their end of life. To add your voice to the consultation process, you can respond to a survey or make a submission to government. More […]

Have your say!

Every Territorian has a right to receive compassionate, high quality and accessible palliative care at the end of their life. Community members are entitled to make decisions around managing their end of life care, like other Australians. The introduction of the Restoring Territory Rights Act 2022 (Cth) in December 2022 means the NT can now […]

Can you help?

In 1996, my husband Bob was one of four dying people who were able to access the Northern Territory’s world-first Voluntary Assisted Dying law to help them die more mercifully. Shortly after, this compassionate law was extinguished by an Act of the Federal Parliament. I believe every Australian should have the right to choose not […]

Marshall Perron’s address, the ‘historical strategic blueprint for achieving VAD’

At the Canberra National Press Club Conference on 1 October 1996, the former Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, Marshall Perron, was the invited speaker. His speech has been regarded by some as being much more than a historical foundation stone but more like a historical strategic blueprint for achieving Voluntary Assisted Dying.  Marshall Perron’s […]