Advance Personal Plan NT

In the Northern Territory, you can create an Advance Personal Plan to plan for what happens if you can’t make decisions for yourself, for example, if you have an accident or become unwell.

An Advance Personal Plan is a legal document that replaces enduring power of attorney in the Northern Territory. It is also known as a living will and is regulated by the Advance Personal Planning Act 2013 (NT).

The plan can include your choices for future health care, as well as financial and lifestyle matters. It will only take effect when you lose decision-making capacity while you are still alive.

You can appoint a trusted person to be your decision-maker, such as your spouse or partner, a parent, one of your adult children, a relative, or a friend. Your decision-maker can consent to or refuse treatment on your behalf, and they must act in accordance with any lawful statement, decision, or matters contained in your Advance Personal Plan. It is helpful to talk to them about what is important to you and any preferences you have.

To create your plan, fill in the Advance Personal Plan form and follow the specific instructions provided on the form. The form also needs to be witnessed by an authorised witness.

If you are no longer able to make or communicate your decisions, a family member or healthcare professional can document medical treatment preferences on your behalf using the Advance care plan for a person with insufficient decision-making capacity form.

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